corn1 «krn», noun, verb.
1. a kind of grain that grows on large ears; maize; Indian corn.
2. the plant, a species of cereal grass, that it grows on.
3. = sweet corn. (Cf.sweet corn)
4. any small, hard seed or grain, especially of wheat, barley, or oats, but also of other plants such as the apple, grape, and pepper; kernel.
5. British. grain in general, especially wheat: »

During the war, the British government urgently asked the Americans for some thousands of bushels of “corn” to feed liberated populations (Holiday).

6. Scottish and Irish. oats.
7. any small, hard particle, as of sand or salt.
8. Skiing. snow having the consistency of grain or granules; corn snow.
9. U.S. Informal. = corn whiskey. (Cf.corn whiskey)
10. Slang. something trite, outdated, or sentimental: »

The lyrics…contain just the right proportions of imagination, sentimentality, and corn (Time).

1. to preserve (meat) with strong salt water or with dry salt: »

to corn beef.

2. to feed (an animal) with corn or grain: »

There is nothing like corning the horse before the journey (Scott).

3. to plant with corn or grain.
4. to form into grains, as gunpowder; granulate.
[Old English corn a seed; a grain (of sand, etc.)]
corn´like´, adjective.
corn2 «krn», noun.
a hardening of the skin, usually on a toe, caused by pressure or rubbing and often very painful.
[< Old French corn horn < Latin cornū]
1. Cornish.
2. Cornwall.

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